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You are welcome to onboard to our Demo platform with full Business Plan feature set for FREE for 3 WebShield Instances. No need to provide credit card. Please reach out to us to request invitation for FREE trial or to leave a feedback.

A flat rate product

WebShield is a flat rate product. There is no surcharge based on consumed bandwidth or requests per second. We do apply automated DDoS protection which can be tightened by the customer on per WebShield Instance basis. Please see Terms of Use and Fair Use Policy for further details.


The Business Package provides a single price for a fully configurable Web Application Firewall. Special customer demands such as 24x7 support, custom ruleset or log report delivery can be requested via

Business Plan

No bandwidth limitation (FUP)

TLS certificate included

Blocking and Logging-only mode

Flexible configuration of rulesets

Ruleset maintenance and updates

Fast ruleset change propagation

Access to logs

Access to performance statistics

DDoS protection

Georedundant deployment

Autoscaling in peaks


39€ per instance / month

Premium Plan

All Business Package features

24x7 traffic monitoring

SIEM function

High retention log access

Guided provisioning

Custom ruleset definitions

Vulnerability assessment

Managing DNS zones





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